Linda Cardellini, so memorably vulnerable as Lindsay on Freaks and Geeks, gives a terrific, flinty performance as Kelli.

— Mike D’Angelo, The Onion

An ode to a woman’s journey of self-discovery and her attempts to fit into the life she thought she was fighting for.

— Museum of Modern Art Read full review

It’s what indie filmmaking ought to be.

— Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out New York Read full review

Anchored by a powerfully restrained performance by Ms. Cardellini, who appears in virtually every scene, RETURN, Liza Johnson’s sober first feature, is impressive for what it leaves out.

— Stephen Holden, The New York Times Read full review

Johnson’s feel for the rhythms of reconnection are steady, and she and her fine actors make RETURN one of only a handful of films to honestly address what to many is heartbreaking reality.

— Joe Neumaier, New York Daily News Read full review

Some of us have been waiting since Freaks and Geeks for Cardellini to have a big-screen role this rich, and she’s confident enough to give an entirely inward performance.

— David Edelstein, New York Magazine Read full review

Finally someone has written a really good role for Linda Cardellini—a big, prickly, demanding role that puts her onscreen in literally every scene—and it’s a thrill to watch her operating at full throttle.

— Dana Stevens, Slate Read full review

I don’t have enough words of praise for Linda Cardellini’s performance. Her emotions always seem so real that it’s easy to forget she’s an actress playing a part—and she really shines here. I so admire the restraint she brought to this Oscar-worthy performance.

— Danny Miller/MSN Movies

As a soldier/mom, Linda Cardellini conveys dislocation with eloquent silence, sometimes just in how she looks at a TV screen.

— Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly Read full review

Michael Shannon is equally impressive as her husband, a loving family man who has simply moved on in his life ever-so-slightly.

— Mark Adams, Screen International Read full review

Set in struggling small-town Ohio, the film is an implicit commentary on the economic realities surrounding America’s military, but it’s no treatise on war.

— Sheri Linden, Los Angeles Times Read full review

John Slattery steals the picture with a performance that pops off the screen.

— Pete Hammond, Deadline Hollywood

Return avoids every cliche of the coming-home-from-battle genre—and finds power in silence.

— David Edelstein, New York Magazine

Expertly and sensitively acted with a soul-baring lead performance by Linda
Cardellini, RETURN is beautifully-written, artfully directed, and all too
relevant today.

— Michael Snyder, Sirius/XM Radio

Cardellini turned in an impressively understated performance as a servicewoman just back from war in RETURN.

— Dave Karger, Entertainment Weekly Read full review

RETURN is secured by a performance of perfect wayward confusion from Linda Cardellini.

— Daniel Kasman, MUBI Read full review
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